‘Does the American Dream Still Exist’ | Analytical essay-kopi

Write a summary of the article "The American Dream Does Not Exist"

Write an analytical essay in which you compare how the three articles, we have read in class talk about the American Dream to how it is presented in "The Pursuit of Happiness"

Discuss with references to all the material we have read in class, whether or not the American Dream is alive.

The text “The American Dream Does Not Exist” is about the opportunities the American kids should have, according to the dream everyone has an equal opportunity for success, no matter race, background or economy.

Of course, it’s not like this in real life and Raj Chetty, an economist at Harvard released a text showing how far from real this “American dream” is.

Instead of agreeing with the American dream, Raj makes valid points to why our address and choice of education is a game changer future on in our lives.


The film “The pursuit of happiness” is about Will Smith, playing the caring father Chris Gardner. Chris Is a very smart individual with a dream of selling self-produced machines

the only problem is that a lot of the doctors sees the machines as unnecessary or too expensive. Chris’ wife Linda who works very hard to be able to give her family food and care

decides to leave after supporting her husband’s dream for a lot of years both financially and mentally. Chris takes an unpaid internship as a salesman while trying to sell his machines on the side

quite soon Chris experiences the toughness of not having a stabile income. Chris and his son move out of their home because they can’t afford to stay, the first days the crash different public locations like the subway and the bus.

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