Dead Poets Society | Novelle analyse

“Dead Poets Society” is an extremely inspiring fiction novel based on Tom Schulmann's film script of the same title. The movie and the novel were both published in 1989, and the book was written by Nancy H. Kleinbaum.1

The setting of the novel is in a very prestigious boys only boarding school Welton Academy in Vermont, USA.

One of the students is Todd. Todd is one of the most important characters in the film, and he is arguably the most dynamic character in the novel.

In the novel he goes through a transformation from a shy conformist to a bold iconoclast. Todd does not get along well with his parents, he feels like they prefer his older brother, Jeffrey Anderson.

Todd is also a new student at Welton Academy. Todd is more of a quiet and shy person, but with encouragement from John Keating and his friendship with his roommate Neil Perry, he learns to open up, express his feelings, and compose impressive poetry.

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