Day Trippers | Essay | 10 i karakter

Raman Mundair really takes the effect of culture on the human conscience in depth, in the short story Day Trippers. The British-Indian author induces to describe how people may vol-untarily reject their culture, but its power inevitably catches up with them.

The short story ends with a cliffhanger for the viewer. Parminder discovers she's pregnant, and her expression says she's delighted. “…

Parminder did the test and confirmed that she was pregnant. She sat still for a few moments and felt a quiet lightness overcome her.

She found herself smiling...” We actually don’t know how the main characters will develop their affair or simply what will happen next.

We stand back with no final answer and without a simple conclusion, this type of endings is called zero-ending or cliff-hanger ending, since the short story do not have clear-cut resolution

Now We’ll start by analyzing Parminder and Gurpreet’s outer and inner characteristics. To take Parminder’s outer characterization in count, we know that Parminder is Asian, most likely from Punjabi in India (since she can understand Punjabi).

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