Day trippers | Analytical essay

The world we live in today is being more and more globalized as time goes. People want to explore the world and all the cultures.

We even see people around the world who have moved away from their own cultures and integrated themselves to new and different cultures.

There are many different reasons why some people decide to search for new cultures. It could for example be because of love, family issues and others maybe do it because of the doubts they have in themselves. People who don’t know their purpose on earth yet.

Number of words:

In the short story there are various references of locations in the United Kingdom. Places as Birmingham (I. 188) and Heathrow Airport (I. 218) are being mentioned.

This means that the story takes place in Britain. The physical settings fluctuate a lot during the story.

These settings could for example be the hotel in Birmingham, the characters’ homes, and so-called Punjabi bazaar.

The settings are being very well described, which gives the reader a chance to visualize the settings.

For example, when the streets in Leicester throughout Diwali is being described “On Melton Road the sound of bhangra filled the air as they mingled with the Indian families dressed in their finest.

The women and girls shimmered and sparkled, their bindis and red kum- kum punctuating the night.” (III. 200-203). This indicates that they get this feeling of being home and acknowledgement.

The author also refers indirectly to the Indian cultural and social atmosphere, by describing the environment and traditions, for instance the Diwali Festival.

The main characters’ values are being shaped by some of the settings since they are being reintroduced to the Indian culture.

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