‘Day Trippers’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Raman Mundair is the author of the short story “Day Trippers”. The short story “Day Trippers” will throughout the analytical essay be examined by an analytical model that is intended for short stories.

Throughout the essay there will be focus on composition, characterization, theme(s) and message.

In the beginning of “Day Trippers” you meet to people who is called Parminder and Gurpreet. Both Parminder and Gurpreet have an Indian background, but they are both looking for a partner from another culture.

European food she usually ate failed to satisfy her – the dishes felt thin and insubstantial. She wanted to be nourished, filled with substance, but she couldn’t quite work out what“ .

This results in her liking Indian culture more than before, which also results in her being more secure about herself because she is feeling comfortable in the Indian culture.

Gurpreet is the other main character together with Parminder. Gurpreet and Parminder is very similar, because of them having Indian backgrounds.

In the beginning, Gurpreet does not like south Asian women. Gurpreet is married to a red-haired Irish woman, who is called Aisling.

In the beginning, Gurpreet is not excited about the Indian culture. Gurpreet, as well as Parminder, changes his view of the Indian culture.

In the ending, Gurpreet is starting to have more feelings about the Indian culture, which is shown when he changes his look “Gurpreet started to grow his hair and beard in the traditional Sikh way” .

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