CSR in the fashion industry | Essay | 10 i karakter

In today’s society, fashion has become something we really care about. It is all about being up to date with the latest trends and tendencies, and with the evolution of e-commerce it has never been easier.

Companies change collections every season as the demand for the newest fashion is at its highest. This is called fast fashion and it plays a huge part in the environmental crisis seen today.

This is seen in the video “The problem with fast fashion” which states that: “Fast fashion is a compromise that comes at a huge human-, social-, and environmental cost” and additionally in the text “Brands & social activism:

What do you stand up for” which states that the consumers are becoming aware of these issues and are choosing their seller with this in mind:

“78% of Americans believe it is important for companies to stand up for important social justice issues” and “76% Americans expect companies to support climate change” .

This already shows how important CSR is to the consumers and therefore why it is important for the fashion companies.

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