Cross Cultural Communication | 10 i karakter

Dear Mr. Jones I am writing you as an international consultant. I have been observing you as a multicultural team for your American clothing company.

I see that you are working together with the Japanese and you guys are a bit behind the plans for the new design.

I understand the differences you and the Japanese are meeting on your work together, when you come from different parts of the world, and the cultures are so contrasting from each other it can be challenging to work together.

If the United States and Japan are pitted against each other as their country and an analysis of their professional progress is made for their work, they will be analysed very differently.

A clear and distinct diversity can be analysed in the Uncertainty/Avoidance dimension and in the dimension, Long Term orientation and the last dimension, there is a clear difference in the work process is Individuals.

The dimension there are important for you are the one Uncertainty/Avoidance and this dimension are defined as "a society's tolerance for ambiguity" in which people embrace or avert an event of something unexpected, unknown, or away from the status quo.

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