Consequences of lockdown and isolation | Essay

We live in a split country where some teenagers and children get sicker of social isolation and school lockdown than the coronavirus.

This makes doctors and psychologists ask questions about if schools’ opening would be better in the long run than the long-term harm of isolating children and teenagers away from school and friends.

What exactly is the right thing to do? Would a reopening at this moment put teachers and young people at a too big risk?

Reference list:

Health England, says the following: “The long-term harm of keeping children out of school is “enormous,” but he also says, “the risks are not zero.”

Are we willing as a nation to open schools that might increase the reproduction rate of the virus by as much as 30 percent?

Or will we keep schools locked down, causing depression and loneliness among children and students, which actually can be far more damaging than the virus? Neither seems quite attractive and maybe it´s possible to find an alternative?

In the article “Covid: What is the mental health cost to the young?” they discuss if young people should have a voice at the table as well.

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