Consequences Of Fast Fashion | Essay

Global clothing production has more than doubled since 2000. The world consumes 80 billion of new clothing each year.

Which has made the fashion industry the second most polluting industry in the entire world. This has led to many debates about corporate social responsibility in the fashion industry.

One of the issues of the fashion industry is the low wages and terrible conditions for workers in developing countries.

According to the text “Corporate social responsibility offers fashion brands a great opportunity“ (text 3) , CSR is an opportunity for companies to connect with customers and generate profit and growth.

In other words, CSR strategy is essential for a successful business. In the text, it is clear, that costumers want to support companies, who make a difference.

“Customers (…) want to use social media to share their behaviors, fashion finds, and socially responsible attitudes too. People like to feel they’re making a difference, even though buying clothes”

This supports the suggestions that CSR is important for companies since it helps them connect with their costumers and their values.

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