Clothes,for the consumer | Fast Fashion and CSR.

The problem with Fast fashion, which affects not only the consumer's wallet, but also businesses, nature, and the hard working.

The shift that the consumer goes through from day to day creates problems with nature and the resources it now has. But we are the way companies are harming nature with their waste, which ultimately affects the consumer.

Setting limits on what they say is legal and illegal sets a solid line about what to do but also and our future. What we do now damage but can also help us in the future by using recycling which gives new life to either a pair of shoes, sweaters, or pants. But what is the problem with fast fashion?

As a consumer, you fail both yourself and the rest of us. Every year, 80 trillion new pieces of clothing are bought, which comes from our new way of consuming1. The fact that we always have to be in brand new fashion. The clothing industry itself brings in 1.2 trillion each due to our new consumption habits.

Just in the United States, they bring in 250 trillion of the 1.2 trillion that are being converted.

Just with the new habits it creates a problem in a we have an overuse. As a consumer, we use on average a sweater 5 times before it is shelved, and only for 35 days do we have it before it is thrown out.

When developing countries opened, companies moved their production to them, creating cheap labor that provides more revenue from the companies5. But it also creates a problem in the fact that it's developing countries that are going to be left with all the waste, child labor and low-earned people where the stands aren't affected.

But positive things like that you can look at it, and that's that it creates jobs for the people where the country's GDP rises and people will be able to consume more, creating a cycle that allows the country to run around. The overuse we have as a human being creates problems in nature.

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