Climate Change | Speech

Good afternoon, everyone. It is with great pleasure to welcome everyone who chosen to come. My name is Mia Williams, and I am a student at Columbia University, like all of you .

I am studying economics, and therefore I find today's topic, climate change, very appealing. Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind, but first when I finish my speech.

I hope today's speech will inspire ideas and discussions that will lead to ways that will make our earth a better place.

Though it all sounds terrific, the plan has numerous flaws , which implies concerns from the United States of America.

The question is about the possibility that coal plants cannot do what they have always done. If not, state economies would suffer huge economically, and people would be laid off.

Marco Rubio, the senator of Florida, is particularly concerned about the consequences that could lead to a rise in the cost of electricity for millions of Americans.

Those who would suffer the most would be the low-income, minority communities. As an example, would a single mom not be able to pay 30 dollars more a month.

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