Climate change | Speech | 10 i karakter

Hello everyone.
My name is Emma. I’m a student here at Columbia University, studying economics. I have been given this marvelous change to give you a speech on climate change and president Barack Obama’s action plan.

Our president Mr. Barack Obama made an action plan to oppose the global warning and reducing the release of greenhouse gases.

For instance, the massive release of carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, into the atmosphere by 32% by the time of 2030. The plan aims at the coal-fired power plants.

Within year 2016 the States of America must submit on the clean power plan, and if they are not willing to do so, the government will force them to.

In a short video President Barack Obama made it clear, that we all need to make a change. It’s threatening our economy, safety and health.

The big toxic spill of CO2 into the atmosphere is increasing asthma cases. Actually, it has increased by double in the last three decades.

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