Child poverty in UK | 10 i karakter

“So today I want to talk about child poverty in UK. You might not be aware, but despite The UK being a high-income country, it has 4.1 million children living in austerity(1) as of 2018, which is an excessive number for a country with just 13,1 children overall, as it estimates to 31,2 %(2).

To make matters even worse this number is growing by 100,000 children every year (3) and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. It has of course been even tougher on these children and their families during these difficult times.

Of course, the question about how this could occur arises at this point and the simple answer is the politicians and the government.

The former UK prime minister David Cameron when asked about the subject said the following” I wish there was an easier way, but I have to tell you, there is no other responsible way”.

This of course refers to that from the governments perspective it isn’t plausible to just increase government spending in this field even though it would solve a lot of problems.

This is mostly due to the government bailing out many bankers that lost a big part of their shares in the 2008 financial crisis (8).

This has led to the comparison of a typical London banker making around 850,000£ per year, and a usual minimum wage salary making just around 13,780£ per year (8).

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