Brøchner Hotels A/S | Business Case 3 – Erhvervscase

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- Company Profile
- CSF – (Critical success factors)
- Challenges for Brøchner Hotels
- Mission & Vision
- Methodology

- Business model canvas
- SWOT analysis
- Financial analysis
- Customer segments

Company profile:
Brøchner Hotels was established in 1982 when Hotel King Arthur was bought by Einer Honore and then gifted to his daughter and son in law. The Brøchner chain consists of 6 boutique and design hotels located in Denmark. They have six hotels located in Copenhagen and then they have a newly opened hostel in Aarhus.

The Hotels are old restored buildings with a story to tell and the idea behind Brøchner boutique Hotels is to provide customers with a unique hotel experience where they allow them to get an authentic feel of Copenhagen and become part of the city streets an experience big hotel chains can’t provide. None of their hotels is the same, and they are not meant to look identical at all. They wish for the connection between the hotels, to be experienced inside, with the modern, authentic design, which is to be found in all the hotels, but with various ways being shown. Brøchner has since 2013 developed two new hotels and a hostel and are currently looking to expand into the international market.


Solution 1: Hotel Expansion
Creating smaller more affordable hotels could also be an interesting direction to explore for Brøchner as they would be able to target families, the younger generation, and by that broadening their target group that at the moment is mostly upper-middle-class 35 years old. A line of hostels might be the way forward for Brøchner Hotels as it potentially could be a huge benefit for them as many average people cannot afford high-end hotels.

Solution 2: Concept development
They are currently expanding their product line with a hostel in Aarhus. It’s a new concept that they are entering and even though they have kept their core values such as the style, the historic building etc. it’s still new to them because they are targeting a different group of people than what they are used to and a hostel has a different set up than what they offer at the other Brøchner hotels. The main differences between the hostel and hotel are the room concepts and that you don’t get the same high class, luxury appeal. By doing this they appeal to a whole new set of customers and expand outside of Copenhagen and offer cheaper accommodation than their hotels.

Solution 3: More events for the community
Brøchner Hotels already have a concept called “Hey Neighbour” that provides locals to get a discount at the hotel. Furthermore, they arrange more than 200 events every year distributed in the 6 hotels. By creating more events or having special events dedicated to drawing in Danish customers, they can become a bigger part of the local city scene. People could get a feel for the hotel and might book a stay based on the event they attended or their visit to one of their bars or restaurants. This might help Brøchner increase their sales and give people the Brøchner experience without having to pay 2000-3000 DKK for it.


Value proposition
Brøchner Hotels has several things contributing to the value of the product they are offering. The First key-value that the hotels offer, is a central location in the middle of Copenhagen. This is important because everyone knows that the more central, the better. This attracts customers because it’s way easier for foreigners to navigate when they are more centrally placed from a start.
Their hotels build on a strong sense of authentic and modern design. This differentiates them from their competitors and gives a reason for consumers to choose them over a cheaper option. The customers will get a more-for-more experience when buying Brøchners products.

Another value that Brøchner Hotels are trying to achieve with customers is that they on top of that, are a much more convenient and time-saving product since they have no actual check-in and out, where people have to find their passports and tell a lot of information when arriving or going back home, thanks to one of their partners Aero guest. Their guests will therefore also experience a more luxurious stay, thanks to all these factors.

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