BRICS | Afsætning | 10 i karakter

1) How well have the 5 BRICS economies fared since the recession of 2008?
2) Why was the size of India's population once seen as strength to its economy?
3) Why is it seen as a weakness today?
4) According to the text, the Indian economy is struggling because of 3 other issues. What are they?
5) What will India have to do in order to attract more foreign capital?
6) Now that we have reached the end of the India topic: What is its future going to be like?

The 5 BRICS economies have had its different ways since the recession of 2008, Brazil, Russia and South Africa have had a very slow and steady growth of their GDP. Their annually growth of their GDP is around 1%.

But there are also two countries that did benefit from the recession. China and India are the two winners of the recession with China in lead.

China has had a massive increase in the production which lead you the annually growth of GDP to around 6,7%. India did also benefit from this recession but not as much as China.

India do still have some internal problems that hold them back such as politics, caste and infrastructure.

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