‘Bone Deep’ | Anlytical essay | 12 i karakter

’Bone Deep’ is a short story written by Martin Malone and was released in 2018. The short story follows our narrator, who finds out a skeleton has been found in a well, that he usually sits on while waiting for the bus.

’Bone Deep’ uses a motif of A skeleton in a well to comment on how a family tragedy can make a family’s relationship crumble.

‘Bone deep’ starts out rough. The first sentence throws us into the story with anticipation and makes us want to read more:

“They found a woman’s skeleton in a well at the Market Square.” (p.1 l.1) The narrator of the short story is also our protagonist.

Since he isn’t an omniscient narrator, he has limited knowledge about the other characters. He can only observe.

He elaborates the skeleton further, when the story suddenly takes a turn and a new point of view.

Our narrator starts reflecting on his family, while they’re in the sitting room of their house. His father is immediately introduced as a drunk.

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