‘Bone deep’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

It is not easy to forgive. It never is. Even though it should be, as it is in human nature to make mistakes, it sometimes could get complicated.

On the other hand, we can experience that the most unlikely person would be able to forgive, because of the bond between the two. The real question here is: is it possible to not forgive family?

A similar situation occurs in the short story ‘’Bone deep’’ by Martin Malone. The short story deals with regrets and forgiveness as well as what such trauma could do to a person.

Through the point of view, the tone in the short story is emphasized where you can see that it is both informal and sad.

It is highlighted in line 92-93 ‘’He does not realise that we see him as the thorn in Daniel’s lion, the ice that tore the Titanic, the driver who killed a brother, left another badly broken and crushed a mother’s soul’’

Here you can see the informality in the text as Ian speaks from his perspective and the thoughts and feelings he has towards the father. It is quite sad that he sees his father as what he described, especially since it is his father.

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