Bone deep | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

We never know what our future holds. In fact, we think we got control over our lives, but the truth is, we do not.

One day we wake up completely normal, the next day something unexpected happens. Something so horrible, that you wish you never woke up and experienced that day.

Especially when something happens to your close ones and when a close one is the reason behind that dreadful day.

What would you do? The trust and love you had for that person - has it all disappeared? Or would you be able to forgive that one thing that changed your life forever?

Due to the car accident that happened when the father fell asleep while driving, the family’s bond has become non-existent.

Ian, who is also the narrator of the short story, is a 13-year-old boy that lives with his parents, his 15-year-old sister Ann, and his 16-year-old brother Terry.

We see all the events from Ian’s point of view, meaning that it is a 1st person point of view. The narrator, Ian, is highly perceptive - even though he is 13 years old

he still manages to give us a full understanding of the family’s situation and the whole dynamic between them.

He especially shows the conflicts between his parents and also the conflicts between his father and his sister Ann, who blame their father for Marcus’ death:

“He does not realise that we see him as the thorn in Daniel’s lion, the ice that tore the Titanic, the driver who killed a brother

left another badly broken and crushed a mother’s soul” (p. 3, l. 1-2). The hate towards the father is really highlighted in this quote

both Ian and Ann are still hurting after the accident, whereby they find it hard to forgive their father for the dreadful tragedy.

Bone deep’s events occur in their living room – however, we also know that the short story is in fact, in Ireland:

“He also said that the skeleton probably fell in during the rising of 1798 […]” (, l. 7-8). This refers to the 1798 rebellion that took place in Ireland by the United Irishmen.

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