‘Bone Deep’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Assignment 5 a
- Summary
- Analytical essay

The short story ‘Bone Deep’ by Martin Malone (2018) is about a family who has issues. Through the main character Ian, the difficulties of the family are told.

After a car crash, they have lost their brother, Marcus, and their other brother, Terry, is badly injured. The family blames the dad for the accident, and they rarely talk to him.

The mother is not home, the father drinks, and therefore the siblings are taking care of their paralyzed brother.


To most people, family is everything. The bond between family members is often powerful, as strong as a bone, for instance, but sometimes an accident or difficulties can break the bond, and things might not become the same again.

That is the case in the short story "Bone Deep" by Martin Malone, which revolves around a family whose bond is severely broken.

The story “Bone Deep” by Martin Malone has a linear plot structure. It begins in medias res with the discovery of a woman’s skeleton in a well at the Market Square, which is an unusual event that catches the readers' attention.

As the family discusses the event over dinner, it becomes an occasion for them to explore their own traumatic past. The plot is in chronological order, but there is one flashback to the car accident.

The flashback highlights the family’s connection with the past, suggesting that they have never been able to recover from it.

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