BoConcept | Exam case | 10 i karakter

Task 1

BoConcept is proud to be part of the Danish furniture industry, but makes no secret of the fact that they are global and must acquire their growth internationally.

Their vision is not only to create good looking furniture, but they strongly believe that it too has to be functional and good value for money. In other words, the usefulness of the furniture is as important as its looks.

The furniture is made from true Danish design traditions, but the inspiration of the designs comes from big cities in the world. As they say, “great design knows no borders.”

The BoConcept logo adorns 285 stores spread across 65 different countries. The first franchise store opened its doors 25 years ago in Paris, and since then they have relied solely on their own franchise stores. “We need to open more stores as part of our growth strategy, which will primarily be abroad.

Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
- “It is an advantage for BoConcept to use franchising as a penetration strategy in a new market.”
- “There is a need to adjust the product in the Japanese market.”
- “Japanese culture has no significance when BoConcept operates in the Japanese B2B market.”
Task 5

External proactive exports motives are when a company enthusiastically concentrates on a number of market conditions abroad that might result in growth.

If one is to investigate for the external proactive export motives, one of the motives are growing demand in the export markets. This can motivate BoConcept to turn their attention to foreign markets.

The demand for Danish furniture is increasing since Danish design is perceived as a high-end product around the world.

According to Anton van den Putte, the Dutch CEO of the Danish furniture company BoConcept, the interest and demand for Danish furniture continues to grow.

There are not many who can compete with Scandinavian design which is correspondingly a good competitive advantage for BoConcept. Customers around the world are still crazy about is.

Additional external proactive export motive is that the consumer preferences are internationalized. Since customers travel more than before, and as product news spreads on for instance social media, consumer preferences are internationalized to a much greater degree than ever before.

This can give BoConcept a large international exposure, which makes it easier to start international activities. BoConcept are working with Japanese, American and other international designers, who are some of the most talented in their field.

These costumers travel and have very international preferences, which is good for BoConcept as it will be easier to initiate international activities in those countries.

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