BoConcept | Afsætning

Task 1
Characterize the company BoConcept. Base your response on enclosures 1 (video), 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Your response can be no longer than 2,400 characters including spaces

Task 2
Analyze the internationalization of BoConcept

Task 3
Analyze 2-3 conditions that are particularly important for BoConcept on the Japanese market.
- Cultural conditions
- Demographic conditions

Task 4
Discuss the following statements. Your response can be no longer than 2,400 characters including spaces.
- It is an advantage for BoConcept to use franchising as a penetration strategy on a new market.
- The product parameter needs to be adjusted to the Japanese market.
- Japanese culture is of no importance when BoConcept operates on the Japanese B2B market.

Task 5
Taking your starting point in your answers to tasks 1-4 and the relevant enclosures, you are to:
- Identify a challenge for BoConcept. Discuss potential solution(s) to the challenge selected.

BoConcept is a Danish company that was founded way back in 1952. BoConcept was born with a vision to create beautiful functional furniture in a good quality. In its first years BoConcepts was on the Danish market.

But in 1993, they opened their first international store in Paris, since then BoConcepts have taken the world by storm. they have succeeded in becoming a global furniture store, and overtaken their closest competitor, IKEA.

BoConcept has 285 stores spread across 65 different countries. Here they have both their own stores, but also franchise stores. They have strategically placed them around the world's various major cities.

One of the stores they have strategically located, among other things, is one of the newer stores in Japan. They have placed it in the attic of a train station, here are the many passing mark to the eye-catching shop.

If you look at 16-17, they had a nice turnover of just over 1000, but a result that was in the red. To that extent, they have changed that to 18-19, where their turnover had increased by more than 300 and their result was now over 80.

Great advantages for BoConsept are for example the demand for Scandinavian design furniture and their middle-class pricing, which works because they offer quality at a price that some can participate in.

BoConcept offers pretty much everything for the home. Their range consists of home furniture and home accessories.

They also offer service and advice around the various stores, but in addition they also offer a more personal service.

Here they offer "Interior Design Service" as they call it, it means that they send an employee home to the customer, who then offers an entire furnishing of either one or more rooms.

Besides that, they also offer to customize the furniture more specifically to the particular customer.


One of the factors that has had the greatest impact on BoConcept is the cultural differences between Denmark to Japan.

In Japan, they have some completely different values, they weigh much higher than we do in Denmark. for example, the Japanese are much more brand loyal than those we otherwise see in Denmark.

It is especially the older generations in japan who are very brand loyal, whereas the younger generation is less brand loyal.

The Japanese are also far less indulgent than what we are used to in Denmark, which can be seen in the hosted analysis of Denmark and japan.

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