In this analytical essay, I am going to analyse the short "Better Homes and Gardens." It was written by Catherine Moffat.

The author lives on the NSW Central Coast and is known for her stories where strong social justice is one of the main themes, and many of her stories are about people on the fringes of themselves and society.

And this short story is no exception. The theme of this story is about homelessness in modern society, especially as a child, and you need to take responsibility early in life.

Catherine Moffat uses some contractions in her writing style in this novel. In the story, several numbers of contractions are used including 'we've' , 'won't' , and 'it's' .

In daily use, these contractions are mainly used in dialogue, so when Catherine Moffat includes them in a novel, she gives it authenticity. This conveys a feeling of familiarity between the characters in the novel.

You will read later in the novel how the father did not show up when the narrator and his sister were supposed to be picked up from school.

Grace (the little sister) is nervous and constantly whining, which presents a conflict in the novel.

Due to the absence of the father, the narrator is put in the parent's place. In addition to searching for their father, he must look after Grace.