Better Homes And Gardens | Analytical Essay | Catherine Moffat

The fictional story: ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ is written by Catherine Moffat, an Australian writer. Catherine Moffat is known for writing in many different genres, including crime and the supernatural.

A lot of her stories have a social message, and she likes to occupy herself with people on the edge of society. The novel ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ was published in 2016.

The novel is about our name-less main character, his little sister and their father. The first impression we really get is, that they have a normal, happy life.

It just seems like a normal day in the life of two smaller children, but quickly we realize that this family is not the normal family, we thought they were.

On the first page you can read about how they go to the beach after school, and how they shower at the beach.

This would be perfectly normal for a family living in a hot climate, but as you read further, we start to realize that they are homeless, and that they live in a car, with public facilities as their only way to stay hygienic.

It says, at line 28-29: ‘After dinner Dad makes us go to the toilet and clean our teeth in the park toilets and then we drive around for a bit’.

We are also introduced to the fact that they live in their car, at line 41-43: ‘Dad always waits until it’s late at night to take us to where we’ll stay.

Just like with the food, we never park in the same place twice and Dad always makes sure he wakes up and drives us somewhere else before it’s light’

When looking at the setting in the story, it is quite unknown where in the world we are located, but almost right at the start of the novel (line 6), the father says: ‘Gidday mate’. Saying ‘Gidday mate’ is a typical Australian way of greeting friends and family.

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