Better Homes and Gardens | Analytical essay | Catherine Moffat

A lot of people live in hope of a better life, better income, better job or just better surroundings. Generally speaking, people are chasing happiness

and when they accomplish their goal, they have already found a new one. This is presumably what’s driven people in life.

The short story “Better Homes and Gardens” describes a homeless family, and although they face many difficulties, the small family still have hopes for a normal life.

Furthermore, the narrator seems very mature, especially to his little sister, in that way that he tries to protect and be responsible for her .

For instance, he follows Grace to their car, he carries her backpack, helps with the costume and tends her when the father is absent.

Additionally, he is a very helpful young boy, for instance he helps his father with cooking and with preparing the car before they have to sleep.

Yet, the time his father goes missing, the narrator becomes unsure about how to react and what to do.

He chooses to wait for the father to return, which indicate that he is still a child who requires guidance.

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