Better homes and gardens | Analytical essay

Better Homes and Gardens is a short story written by the Australian author Catherine Moffat. She lives on the New South Wales central coast, where she writes and works as a librarian.

Catherine writes a few different genres including crime and speculative fiction. Most of her works reflect the theme of strong social justice and deal with people living on the margin. Better Homes and Gardens is one of those stories.

The main character, the son, is a family person. He cares a lot for his sister Grace, this is seen through the quote “It's my job to see she's safe”. (page. 1 L. 2)

When his sister gets invited to a fairy birthday party, he does everything he can to give her a costume to make sure she doesn’t feel like an outsider.

He does this because he feels like an outsider in school and doesn’t want Grace to feel the same.” Grace is too little to understand how important it is to appear normal, but Dad and I do.

The kids at school are starting to notice something about me. Just like with Uncle, they can sense there's something different.” (Page 3 L.82)

Grace is still young and dependent on her family. She still goes to the men’s bathroom with her brother and father and doesn’t like the dark.

She loves Uncle and hasn’t noticed that there is some-thing wrong with him. She is still too young to fully understand the situations and struggles they face.

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