‘Better homes and gardens’ | Analytical essay

Homelessness is a worldwide problem, and thousands of families suffer from it. This story follows a family consisting of a dad and his son and daughter, and how they get by without having a house.

It shows how the father constantly avoids being seen, so the authorities don’t take his children away

and it shows the smallest child Grace`s obliviousness towards why their dad never lets them eat at the same place twice, or why he always parks a bit away from their school.

The short story was released in 2017, or about 3 years ago. This is in a time where the world was and is undergoing globalization, and the wealthy are only getting richer, while many poor people are not moving much financially.

It is a time in which the world's only superpower, just has elected a very liberal leader, and where many of the financially powerful western countries too are becoming more and more right-wing. So many financially weak people are beginning to feel more and more hopeless.

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