‘Better Homes and Gardens’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Better Homes and Gardens is a short story by Catherine Moffat. Catherine Moffat is a librarian at the University of Newcastle and many of her stories are about the lives of people on the margins, this is also the case in the story Better Homes and Gardens.

The story is about the life of a homeless family who lives in Australia this is shown in (44)”We’re on our way to visit your grandparents in Queensland”.

The family lives in their car and that is also where a lot of the settings are, the car is also where they have all their stuff and belongings, they spend a lot of time at the beach were they for example swim and play, it is also here they take showers and do homework.

The family does what they can to do usual stuff as much as possible for example they spend a lot of time in the park where they sometimes cook sausages on an electric barbeque

they also go to the laundromat where they spend a lot of time watching television and to the library, the family does not have a library card but they come here to read the papers and use the computer.

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