‘Better Homes and Gardens’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

The story “Better Homes and Gardens” is about a homeless family, and written by the author Catherine Moffat. As the author, Catherine acts as an advocate for the lower people in the society of Australia.

She set up questions about the system, and how it has positive or negative effects, on the social classes in Australia. She deals with the attitude that there are too many people who are lost and not getting the help they need.

The main character in the story is the boy, he also acts as the narrator of the story. The boy is being considered as the hero of the story.

It is him who takes care of his sister and himself, when the father is not picking them up from school. The boys said “I'm scared, but I have to be strong for Grace”. Grace is his sister.

If any kind of adversary of history is to be mentioned, it could be the authorities. As a reader of the story, you get the feeling of the authorities leaving the kids on their own.

It creates a kind of pity for the children, and makes the authorities look like the “bad guy”, because the readers are seeing the experience from the kids' point of view.

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