Hello everybody. Some of you may know who I am, and if you do not know - my name is Anders Holch Povlsen and I am the owner and administrative manager of the cloth company Bestseller.

Due to the fact that the company is increasing, we are obliged to transfer our production to a country where the production is inexpensive and effective. That is why I am giving this speech, to all of you who are going to be stationed in China.

The Chinese are some of the most courteous people that exist. Among other things they have several manners to saying no to show courtesy.

That is why it is important not to misunderstand them . In addition to that China is a relationship-based culture.

You will discover that the first time you meet your new colleagues they have brought you a welcome gift, to build a good relationship.

That is why they expect you to do the same! However, they have some demands to the on the gift in proportion to their myths and religion.