Becoming by Michelle Obama | Analyse | 12 i karakter

Assignment 5B
Analytical essay of “Becoming” by Michelle Obama

In the memoir “Becoming” (2018), the writer Michelle Obama touches upon the topic of personal development.

The memoir gives us an inside on the former first lady Michelle Obama’s early childhood, careers in law, medicine, and non-profit organizations

her role as a mother and a wife, her time as a first lady in the White House, and lastly her life after the White House. She hates when adults ask children, what they want to be when they grow up.

Growing up and getting your dream job is not finite. You never stop growing and developing as a person.

Each decade from her early childhood to the present, she has learned or uncovered something new, and she will keep uncovering new things as her life goes on.


When growing up, you always get asked the question: “What do you want to be, when you grow up?”.

That question might be hard to answer, as you have different visions and dreams as a child. In Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming” (2018) this question is criticized and insinuates that you stop developing, when you reach your goals

when it’s the opposite. By diving into Michelle Obama’s preface, we can get an understanding of personal development and the former first lady’s personal experiences and struggles while growing up.

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