Be here now | Essay

Life can sometimes be struggling. No one is perfect. Everyone has been in a position where they had an experience that wasn't good.

That experience could maybe lead to some trauma in your life or PTSD. You have maybe lost someone who you cared about.

In the short story "Be here now" is written by Miguel Syjuco. The narrator was a war photographer who now has PTSD and some depression.

In the short story, we follow the narrator, who lives with his fiancé Jenna through the story. Jenna is trying to help him and be there for him, but he is distant.

This is an example of how the narrator feels and that he is a first−person. We see everything from the narrator's point of view as to how we see his fiancé Jenna and how his relationship is with her.

The short story is in chronological order because things happen one after the other without jumping in time.

The narrator has PTSD. It does not appear directly in the text, but it does appear between the lines. “I know I won’t be able to sleep.

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