The short story “Baglady” is written by Antonia Susan Duffy and published in the collection “Elementals” in 1998. The topic in the story is the class distinction. In the story, we see how some upper-class women act and which challenges they have in life. A.S. Byatt is born in Sheffield in 1936 and was educated at York and at Newnham College in Cambridge. A.S Byatt is renowned internationally for her novels and short stories and is one of Britain’s most acclaimed writers.

The narrator in the story is a third person narrator. A third person narrator is not a character in the short but an observer outside the actions. The narrator follows the characters through the whole story and tells about their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

For example: “Daphne Gulver-Robinson looks round the breakfast table”. Here can we see the story has a third person narrator because the narrator describes what Daphne Gulver-Robinson do.

The setting is placed somewhere in the “Far East” in the Good Fortune Shopping Mall. “the Company will send cars to take us all to the Good Fortune Shopping Mall”. The time setting is not relevant, because the protagonist, Daphne, feelings are more important than the actual time of the event.

The protagonist is Daphne Gulver-Robinson, the narrative follows Daphne and her thoughts and attitude towards what she experiences.

Daphne is married to Rollo. He only thinks about himself and how he appears that is more important than his wife. Rollo says: “I do know you’re happier with the geese and the donkeys and pigs and things.

But Scroop will think it’s very odd, I’m very odd, if you don’t come”. Even though he knows his wife would rather stay at home, he continues to persuade her. He sets his own needs before his wife.