Baglady | Analyse | By A.S Byatt

The short story “Baglady” is written by A.S Byatt and was published in the collection, Elementals in 1998. A.S Byatt is an English novelist, poet and booker prize winner. She was born in Sheffield in 1936.

Today she is an 82 years old successful woman, who is renowned internationally for her novels and short stories. In her short story “Baglady”, the topic is about identity and how you suddenly can change who you are.

This short story is about Daphne Gulver-Robinson and a lot of other wives, who accompanies their husbands on a trip the Far East. The husbands are all directors of the company Doolittle Wind Quietus. The directors are going to a meeting and in the meantime, the wives are going to visit the Good Fortune Shopping Mall.

Daphne is not really excited about anything on this trip and did not feel that she fits in among the other ladies. The wives are elegant, with silk suits and silky legs and exquisitely cut hair. Daphne is trying to look like them and really does not feel comfortable about it.

When they arrive at the shopping mall, they hasten to trip inside, but none of them waits for Daphne. Therefore, she has to walk alone in the mall.

Even though she walks alone, she ends up having a good time where she by a lot of things. But suddenly, the time has passed and she has to go back to the other wives. She cannot find her camera and the way out of the mall.

Then a heel breaks off one of her shoes and now she hits the panic button and gets really depressed, because her purse, credit cards, fountain-pen, her present for Rollo and her watch have disappeared too.

She has totally lost her identity and cries for help. A policeman comes up and asks for her papers. They are gone too, and Daphne has to move. The history ends up that Daphne cannot imagine getting out of the Good Fortune Mall.

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