‘Baddest dog in Harlem’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

The title of the story is “Baddest dog in Harlem”. The story is part of the collection “145th street: short stories” which was published in 2001.

The short story is written by Walter Dean Myers. Walter is an Afro-American writer known for both children’s books and young adult literature.

From what we can conclude after reading the story we can see that the main themes of the short story are gun violence and racism.

We read about these young friends whom all live in Harlem. Those friends are Willie Murphy, Tommy, Pedro Mr.Lynch, and the narrator.

All the people we hear about are black. The information we get about them isn't that much, typical of this type of genre we are reading.

Willie Murphy is the first person we hear about. He is older than the other. He is in his thirties or even older maybe. Because of their age difference, he thinks he knew more than the boys as we can see when they are talking about boxing.

“we were all sitting around on the rail outside of Big Joe's place, trying to figure out which was the best fighter of all time. We'd had this conversation before but what got everybody mad this time was Willie Murphy.

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