Arla | Short characterization | Noter

Hvilke muligheder har en minimælk fra Arla for vækst via marketing-mixet?

Markedsanalyseprocessen – tjekliste
- Overordnet opgavespørgsmål:
- Step 1
- Step 3 (hjælper med at besvare valg af respondenter/målgruppe)
- Step 4
Præsentation af overordnede spørgsmål og hypotese (Sebastian)
- Short characterization om Arla
- Our graphs and tables analysed
- Who are our respondents? (Age and gender)
- Markedskort
- Preferences and Age
- How have you heard about the brand?
- Can we see that minimælk from Arla is the most preferred one? (hypothosis)
- Are our results as we wanted, what could we have done better?
- Mistakes is identified:

Arla is a Danish registered international co-operative dairy concern. The Arla we know now was established in 2000 when the Danish company MD Food and the earlier Swedish owned company Arla aggregated under the official name Arla Foods.

Arla sells dairy products and is based in Viby Jylland. Arla has approx. 11.000 members of a co-operative society located all over Europe, with 2.800 from Denmark.


By looking at the “Markedskort” we can see that almost every one of our respondents know about Minimælk. Only 3% haven't heard of it.

From the ones who have heard of it but haven't tried, we are able to see that the biggest part has responded that they don’t even want to try it.

This can for instance be because they don’t like milk in general. From the respondents who have already tried it the majority are indifferent meaning they don’t prefer minimælk from the other types of milk, they simply just don’t have a preference.

This would be the most usable section to work with as they aren't exactly rejecting the possibility of getting to change their preference. They would be the easiest of the groups to work with.

Or the positive group would be important to work with too, but because the group is so small, it would be unnecessary to spend a lot of work and money into persuading them.

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