Aqua D’or | Afsætning

Task 1: Characterize the company Aqua D’or. Your answer must not exceed 2400 key strokes including space.

Task 2: Analyze 2-3 relevant factors in the external environment which influence Aqua D’or Denmark.
- The customers
- The Economic Conditions
- Cultural Conditions
- Opportunities
- Threats

To prepare a company characteristic of AQUA D’OR the company's activities are described below the company's core competence and market conditions.

The company characteristics can be used to provide an overview of the company's assets, as a background for the analysis and discussion that comes later in the assignment.

The company AQUA D’OR is a public limited company which taps bottled water for Danish grocery retailers. The company was founded in 1987 by Allan Feldt.

AQUA D’OR water is tapped from large cans filled with underground spring water, which is known as “mineral water”.

AQUA D’OR was registered as a Public Limited Company in 1998 and is now a subsidiary of a French company “Danone” which sells food and beverages.

The vision of AQUA D’OR is to be the conscious choice of consumers when they choose a refreshing drink.

AQUA D’OR works for healthy drinking habits through an offer to customers and consumers of relevant products which meet their needs in different drinking situations, and which are widely available.

AQUA D’OR is a production company and has a well-established fully automatic bottling plant and 54 fulltime employees. AQUA D’OR has an annual result of 9,82 million on average in the accounting period 2011-2015.

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