Animal Farm paper

Throughout Old Major’s speech, he repeats words and phrases such as “comrades” and “all animals in England.” Both give the animals a feeling of belonging, as he is not only addressing some animals specifically but all of them.

This creates an attentive environment because he had all the animals was listening to him for what they should all do to succeed in the rebellion.

His repetition of the words “no animal” is used to set out a list of rules that the animals must follow in order to make sure that they must not come to lock like men, and to remind them of the tyranny that they have faced. For example, Old Major tells them that “no animal in England knows the meaning of happiness or leisure after he is a year old”.

This gives the animals at the Farm a feeling of sadness, as it shows them that they have been used their entire life. This can create hate between Man and animals, which could make Old Major’s mission a success, due to the rebellion that it may cause. With the phrase “no animal,” Old Major repetitively uses the word “comrade.”

His use of the word “comrade” makes him equal to the rest of the animals and works to convince them that he has experienced the oppression of Man along with the rest of them.

Although all the animals respect Old Major, and look up to him, by relating to them with the word “comrades” he creates an emotional relationship that allows him to include all the farm animals. Relating to the rest of the animals will help the rebellion in the future, as it may inspire them to fight together despite their differences.

Together with repetition, Old Major uses many rhetorical questions in his speech. His use of rhetorical questions refers to a massive amount of feelings inside the animals such as anger, betrayal, and blame.

He also uses rhetorical questions to remind the animals of the brutality that they have faced.

During his speech, Old Major angers the animals by asking them what Mr. Jones has allowed them to do with their own lives. Old Major did not expect them to answer the questions because he already knew the answer. His clever use of the question angers the animals enough to follow his ideas and start the rebellion.

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