Animal Farm | Essay

What if your freedom was slowly taking from you right under your nose? Especially when your fellow human being painted this lovely picture of a perfect utopian society where everyone is equal regardless of if they were strong or weak, clever or simple.

They were all brothers. Such a conflict is taking place in the novel “Animal Farm” (1945) in chapter seven written by George Orwell.

The novel deals with how a revolution can be twisted into dictatorship through slow changes, and before they know the animals will have less freedom than before.

Napoleon who is becoming the leader of the farm is forced to deal with famine among the animals.

The famine is due to a lack of planning properly for the wintertime. It seems like Napoleon is the leader because he rarely appeared in public.

In addition to this, he is surrounded by fierce-looking dogs who are there to protect him (page 45, paragraph 2, line 3-4).

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