Analyze of A Wasted Hour by Jeffrey Archer

In this assignment, I will analyze the short story “A Wasted Hour” by Jeffrey Archer. I will begin with an introduction of the author Jeffrey Archer.

Thereafter, I will analyze the short story with a focus on narration and point of view, themes, characterization, and message. And a conclusion in the end.

Jeffrey Archer was born in London, 1940. He started being a politician and was a member of the parliament, then the financial crisis happened in 1974, and he started to be an author.

He started with the story “Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less “in 1976, which was about avoiding being bankrupt.

Since then, he has written multiple novels and short stories. “Tell-Tale” is a short story collection with twelves story’s, including “A Wasted Hour” there was released in October 2017.

Kelley’s full name is Kelley Ragland (p. 4, l. 143), and we know that she is studying Modern American literature at Stanford University (p. 2, l. 52). In the short story, she travels from her parents’ house in Salinas to Stanford University.

One of the first things we learn about Kelly is that she likes to hitchhike to college, without her parents knowing. We learned that there are mainly two reasons, why she likes to hitchhike.

One of the reasons is because it is cheaper, and college is already expensive for her parents. We hear about it on the first page on line 8-9, where it says: “In any case, he and Ma had already made quite enough sacrifices to ensure she could attend college…”

This tells us our grateful Kelly is for her parents, and she is trying to repay them in any way she can.

On the first page on line 11, we hear that Kelly is inspired by writing and she wants to expand her knowledge and experience to become a better writer.

When hitchhiking she hears a lot of stories and experiences for other people that are helping her to become a better writer.

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