Analytical Essay “The Weekly Visit” by Emanuel Melo

’’The weekly Visit’’ is a short story written by Emanuel Melo. In ‘’The weekly Visit’’ we are introduced to the story of a son who is visiting his mother’s house every Tuesday. He helps her with chores and keeps her company, but still he tries to tell his mother that he cannot keep helping her. The mother is attempting to get him home to her since the son gets compassion for her.

Throughout the story we follow Jake and his mother through a third person narrator and the third person narrator allows the readers to know Jake’s thoughts, making the narrator subjective. For example, the narrator informs us about Jakes annoyed mood in morning, where he was already exhausted at 7.15 AM because of his mother.

This is something Jake does not tell us, but the narrator already knows. This is why narrator is directed and connected to one character, which makes the narrator unreliable. We do not feel or hear about the mother’s thoughts.

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