Analytical essay – Streamlining

In the beginning of the short story three meaningful characters are introduced; Brandon, Jocie and their mother. Brandon and his mother are depicted as the antagonists, seen from Jocie’s point of view. Whereas Jocie herself is the protagonist, who the short story revolves around.

Even though Jocie is supposedly the protagonist and the main character of the short story, not much is told about her. The information given in the short story is very limited.

Jocie is an English citizen who is 32 years old who might have some sort of African ancestry.

At the age of 12 Jocie’s father left her, and the rest of the family all alone.

Jocie has got a job which she is very satisfied with. She is the head of a creative team.

Three lines from the short story describes Jocie as she looks into the rear-view mirror of her car. "It was braided neatly, not too big not too small. Her scalp was well oiled and looked healthy. She ran her finger over her eyebrows and rubbed at the dark shadows under her eyes."

This portrays Jocie as a person who cares about her looks and hair especially, but also being sleep deprived.

Following her physical traits are the internal traits of Jocie.

Jocie is a successful businesswoman, despite the fact she considers herself a failure. Throughout the short story Jocie’s feelings towards her brother Brandon are expressed in a way, that shows she is very fond of him. However, Jocie is not thrilled about Brandon being their mother’s favourite child.

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