Analytical essay: Precious by Asger Konradi

Precious, the movie adaptation of the novel “Push”, revolves around our main protagonist and her struggle to get away from her abusive family.

It shows us, how the oppressive raising of a child in a toxic environment can turn it into a scared individual, who is too anxious to ask for the help, that they truly need.

It is a movie with change in focus, as we see a huge change in our protagonist, on her journey from a “good for nothing” slum girl to a woman, who is able to stand out for herself, all because of the helping hand who saves her.

Throughout the film, Precious goes from a broken person with no motivation apart from her dreams, to a functioning person who has people who believe in her and trust that she’ll be fine.

Although they were the result of a painful experience, Precious’s children are a huge motivation and a considerable sign of love in the movie [62:30-62:48] this is seen as she becomes very angry, when her mother drops Abdul at the climax of the story.

Her children are one of the driving forces in the story, both their creation and their salvation as Precious leaves her abusive mother, partially out of duty to be a better mother than her own.

However, no one would have been able to help Precious, if she wasn’t ready for change. the most important aspect of overcoming her trauma, is her conviction that life can be better.

Nothing could happen, if she
wasn’t ready to change her self-image. Therefore, it is important that we get help, when handling difficult experiences.

There is someone out there willing to help. We must search for this help and realize, that it will only come when you’re ready for it.

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