Analytical essay on ‘A Wasted Hour’

This analytical essay will begin with a snort introduction of the short story “A Wasted Hour”. Following this, will be an analysis focusing on the themes, the narration in the story and point of view, then characterization and message. At last there will be a conclusion.

“A wasted Hour” tells the story of a young student named Kelley who attends Stanford. Kelly is an aspiring writer. In the last three years she has thumbed a lift to school campus.

She did this not only to save money but also because she was hoping to meet some interesting and different people with life stories to tell.

In the short story she meets an interesting man on her way to school with an interesting life story to tell.

In the short story “A Wasted Hour” the most important characters are Kelley and John. The reader also hears about Kelley’s parents and other people Kelley has met while hitchhiking, but none of those play any important role in the story.

The protagonist of “A Wasted Hour” is Kelly. Her full name is Kelley Ragland , and she is studying Modern American literature at Stanford University . During the story Kelly travels from her parents’ house in Salinas to Stanford College .

The narrator does not give the reader any descriptions of Kelley’ looks. The reader has to create an image of her just through her character and personality traits.

We get told these things through her thoughts, language and actions. The first things the reader hears about Kelley is that she likes to hitchhike to college without her parent’s knowing.

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