Analytical essay of Michelle Obama`s speech on U.S. education

“the person with the biggest impact on your education is you” (page 2, line 51) Was one of the most important things that Michelle Obama said, when she held her speech at the bell multicultural high school, where she talked about the importance of getting an education and give yourself the best start in life. USA was once the number 1 leading country in education in the world, but now they are in 12 place.” A generation ago, we were number one in college graduates. But over the past couple of decades, this country has slipped all the way to 12th” (page 2, line 29-30). That is one of the reasons why she is holding this speech. She is trying to send a message to the young people, about the importance of getting an education. The sender in the text is Michelle Obama, because she is the on who is holding the speech, and the receiver is the students

An odd thing about this speech is that it is not like a normal speech, it is more like a conversation between Michell Obama her self and the students. Normally the sender (Michelle Obama) has a message which is going out to the receiver, but normally it is just a one-way traffic from the sender to the receiver. But in this speech, it is like a two-way conversation between the sender (Michelle Obama) and the receivers (the students). She lets the students be a part of her speech, which lets the students know that she is also lessening to them. It can give the students a felling of being heard.

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