Analytical Essay of Kiss | 10 i karakter

Every teenager nowadays goes through their own problems, whether it is not fitting in, temper issues or low self-esteem because of your parents and family. But what defines us is the way that we overcome these things.

Elizabeth Baines’ short story “Kiss” gives us a glimpse of three very different young people’s problems, and how they overcome them.

The young man is presumably a British African. He has dreadlocks, which is unusual for white people to have. He’s been raised into a poor upbringing. He has had troubles in school, because his mother has been absent a lot.

The young man has spent most of his time alone in the house, because the other kids would call him slurs, and he tried to control his temper, to keep his mother happy.

The young man is filled with bitterness and held in anger, because of the system that has been systematically held him down for years and will keep doing it. “And then the long fight for justice” (Line 78)

The boy who eventually blows the bomb, also have a lot identity issues. His parents are immigrants, who are trying their best to contribute to their new country.

They have mapped the boy’s entire life, this might originally have come as a signal of love and affection, but it ends out giving the boy a feeling of not having a meaningful life.

His religion is what saves him, when he is given a task, to finally give his life purpose and meaning. “He had no real purpose of his own. Until one day after mosque, someone touched his arm and drew him aside.” (Line 90-91)

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