Analytical essay of ”Jesse” by Joy Boothe

Jesse is a short story written by Joy Booth in 2012, and it took place in Alabama US in 1957, and the story revolves around 1950’s race segregations. The story was written in first person narrator and was told through a little girl whose name we did not get told. We experienced the girl growing up, from being 5 years old to be a pregnant 27-year-old woman.

The girl was being raised by her white mother and father, and she has a sister and a granny whom we met in the story. The granny was a typical racist in the story and was relating to the common attitude given by the whites of America in the 1950s, towards people of colour.

The story focused on the little girl’s family and her relation to men called Jesse. First, we meet her uncle who was “A drunk” and the girl is scared of him. He killed himself in the beginning of the story. The girl hated the name Jesse, but that changed when we met the shocking Jesse that was a college of the girl’s father, and he was a man of colour.

So, there was a meet between white and black, where the mother of the girls did not approve of a connection nor friendship to the black man, which we see when she does not allow him inside the house for dinner, so he has to eat outside with the father. The father saw him as a friend and had him invited to their house where the girl first met Jesse and found him funny and sweet. After having met him several times, she stopped hating the name Jesse.

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