Analytical essay of better homes and gardens

The fictional story: ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ is written by Catherine Moffat, an Australian writer.

Catherine Moffat is known for writing in many different genres, including crime and the supernatural.

A lot of her stories have a social message, and she likes to occupy herself with people on the edge of society.

Catherine Moffat uses contractions in her style of writing this novel.

She uses contractions such as ‘we’ve’ ‘won’t and ‘it’s’ throughout the story. In a daily use, these contractions are mainly used in dialogue, so when Catherine Moffat uses them in a novel, she gives it authenticity.

This conveys a feeling of familiarity between the characters in the novel.

Later in the novel, you are able to read how the father did not show, when the narrator and his little sister is supposed to be picked up from school.

This creates a conflict in the novel, as Grace (the little sister) is nervous and cannot stop whingeing. Because the father does not show at the school, the narrator is put in the parent place.

He has to take care of Grace while also trying to find out where their father is.

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