Analysis on “The Weekly Visit” by Emanuel Melo

“The weekly visit” is a short story written by the Azorean-born Torontonian Emanuel Melo. The short story was written in 2014 as an independent short story, Melo is currently working on a short story collection. He describes his attempt to “embrace equally the two languages and cultures that he uses to express his Self; at times in Portuguese, but mostly in English”

His dual-nationality has impacted his writing style in many ways. His characters and environment often have a multilingual or Portuguese twist to them - this is not an exception with “The weekly visit”. He writes in both Portuguese and English on his personal blog, where he shares how he feels about beautiful places in Canada.

The tradition of the weekly visits are beginning to bug him and what he once did out of love is now an obligation. “His heart is rigidly cold against her and he himself does not really understand how it got to be this way.” (48-49). And although the readers may view Jake as a very insensible man who cannot love his mother, he is actually painfully aware of his situation and that shows that Jake is not a monster after all.

He has an immense guilt over feeling like his mother is a pain instead of a loved one. “hearing her say that she loves him so much only makes him feel guilty and ashamed of his behavior.” (106-107). If he was a bad person he would stop visiting his mother and trying to have a relationship with her.

The conflicting feelings he has toward his mother are very apparent, on one hand he feels fondness toward her “He did love her before and maybe he still does but he’s so tired that he no longer feels it.” (49-50) on the other hand he finds her very manipulative “She can manipulate any statement he says, she can twist anything he says so that she comes out being right.

If he says that he’s tired, well, she never gets tired and even now at her age.” (118-120)

I also think Jake has a disconnect from his Portuguese background and cannot relate to the language or culture, which also makes a gap between him and his mother “She says it all in Portuguese and her son hates to have to defend himself in Portuguese. He doesn’t relate to the language of his childhood.” (36-38).

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