Analysis of “Trid-Man”

Would you sell a knife to a child? Or painkillers to a miserable girl? Is it okay to sell anything, just because you can? Many people mortgage money as very important, but when you are running a business isn’t the moral more essential? In the short story The Trid-man from the book “talk it over”,1995 written by Jorunn Berntzen.

We experience that the wrong intentions turns into a business that cheats and hurts the costumers.

Dirt in disguise, trid is dirt spelt backwards, which Fred also discovers in the text. The title of the story and the name of the main-character is “The Trid-man.” He is a man selling trid/dirt literally, but another understanding of the title could be that the man’s methods and intentions of selling trid are very dirty or filthy.

Through the story the tridman undergoes a development in proportion to the business he develop. He goes from a lazy man without any special talents to a cold, cynical and an especially rich entrepreneur.

Mentally he keeps the psychopathic personality traits, but instead of hiding the dark sides of him, he turns them into a cold-hearted start-up business.

The Tridman is characterized as an entrepreneur and that is because he got a spontaneous creative idea, and took the opportunity to fulfil his dream, but his skills he uses or possess is not something he should boast about. “a certain shrewdness and a deep, cynical understand of and contempt for, his fellow men.” 8The Tridman use this evil skill to put trade before humanity, and therefor he became rich.

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