Analysis of ‘The Sentry’ | 10 i karakter

This short story called ”The Sentry” is written by Téa Obreht. The story is centered around a young boy named Bojan who is 10 years old, and his sentry mastiff who is called Kaiser.

Kaiser should have protected Bojan and was given to Bojan by his father for this purpose. Bojan was very excited to receive Kaiser because he never actually had owned a dog before.

Finally, one day Bojan finds a way to keep Kaiser under control and tame him, the way he did this was pointing an empty gun right at Kaiser´s face and fire it so it would click.

The made Kaiser uncomfortable and become less aggressive. He would also whine, and one day he also peed all over the place because Bojan triggered the empty gun.

One day Bojan gets bullied while he is at the park, while he is getting beaten up, he wishes for Kaiser to have been there and helped him.

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